Chinese couple with seven daughters land in court for buying a baby boy for £10k (Photos)

The authority of Fengshun County in China's Guangdong has arrested and charged a Chinese couple that allegedly paid about £10,345 to purchase a baby son from strangers in order to carry on their family name.
The couple, named as Mr and Mrs Chen have been trying to have a boy for a long time but ended up at seven daughters. But due to a frustration of their 'traditional mind-set', the pair decided to splash their hard earn money to purchase a baby boy.
According to a local report, the baby boy, just over a month old, had been abducted and sold to the couple, but Mr. and Mrs. Chen who had been married for years told the court that they had not been aware of the fact.
The incident was revealed by a recent report from a programmed called 'Mingsheng 820' aired on the Meizhou Broadcasting and Television Station.
They had been trying to have a baby boy. However, all of the seven children they have are girls and they are aged between two and 18, Mr. Chen told a reporter from Meizhou TV.
The couple were said to have been introduced by acquaintances to a family who had a baby boy 'for sale'. The family had been named the Wangs.
On the 24th of November 2016, the couple travelled from their home in Shantou city to Fengshun County to meet Mr. Wang and their potential son. Mr. Chen later claimed that Mr. Wang had ensured them that the baby had not been abducted, but asked them to pay 92,000 yuan (£10,586) as the 'nutrition fee'.
On their arrival to Shantou city, they were arrested by the police from Fengshun County and were informed that the baby had been abducted and trafficked.
The report said the baby had first been sold by a couple from Yunnan to a person known as Peng. Peng later sold the baby to another person known as Wu.  It was Wu who sold the baby to Mr. and Mrs. Chen and gained a profit of around 6,500 yuan (£748).
The Fengshun People's Court has brought charges on eight people involved in the case on suspicion of human trafficking. Mr. and Mrs. Chen have also been charged with buying a child who was abducted.
The verdict for the case is yet to be announced by the court.


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